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Your time is precious, and we do not believe you should spend it waiting in queues at an airport.

Fly Alpha Aviation is here to meet all your Aircraft Charter needs. For us to achieve this, we have a varied fleet of modern aircraft. You are bound to find the perfect aircraft to suit your Aircraft Charter needs. From light jets, twin props right through to the rough & rugged. We tailor-make solutions which afford our clients the creature comforts, security and privacy they have become used to in an Aircraft Charter Experience.

We use a multi‐faceted approach to Aircraft Charter which enables us to supply various types of aircraft through our global network of alliances and partnerships. Our vast database of business jet aircraft and other operators within the Sub-Sahara region allows us to provide a solution that suits your aviation needs.

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Gold Seatbelt On Aircraft Seat


 el·e·gance \ˈe-li-gən(t)s\

  1. tasteful richness of design or ornamentation the sumptuous elegance of the furnishings
  2. dignified gracefulness or restrained beauty of style: polish the essay is marked by lucidity, wit, and elegance


Our VIP aircraft are filled with fine finishing with gold trimming. All this gives you the best possible experience in VIP travel.


[goo r-mey, goo r-mey]

  1. noun
    a connoisseur of fine food and drink; epicure.
  2. adjective
    of or characteristic of a gourmet, especially in involving or purporting to involve high-quality or exotic ingredients and skilled preparation.


We source our catering from the best aircraft catering company. They (Par Avion) utilises only the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, to ensure the finest food and drink is served during your journey.
Charter VIP Catering


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Items Powered by Lithium Batteries

All vehicles powered by lithium batteries are not accepted for travel by Fly Alpha Aviation. These vehicles are commonly referred to as:

Airwheels | Solowheels | Mini Segways |Hoverboards | Galaxy Note 5

Do Not Carry In Hand Luggage

The following items cannot be carried into the aircraft cabin but may be allowed as checked baggage:

Note: Some of the prohibited items may be allowed in checked baggage under certain conditions/regulations.

  • Axes and hatchets
  • Arrows and darts
  • Harpoons and spears
  • Ice axes and ice picks
  • Ice skates
  • Lockable or flick knives with blades of any length
  • Knives
  • Meat cleavers
  • Machetes
  • Open razors and blades (excluding safety or disposable razors with blades enclosed in cartridge)
  • Sabres, swords and swordsticks
  • Scalpels
  • Scissors with blades more than 6cm in length
  • Ski and walking / hiking poles
  • Throwing stars
  • Tools that have the potential to be used as a pointed or edged weapon such as drills, drill bits, box cutters, utility knives, saws, screwdrivers, crowbars, hammers, pliers, wrenches, spanners, blow torches.
  • Baseball and softball bats
  • Clubs or batons
  • Cricket bats
  • Golf clubs
  • Hockey sticks
  • Lacrosse sticks
  • Kayak and canoe paddles
  • Skateboards
  • Billiards, snooker and pool cues
  • Fishing rods
  • Martial arts equipment such as knuckle dusters, clubs, coshes, rice flails, nun chucks, kabatons, kubasaunts
  • Inflated articles (inflated balls, balloons, etc. should be deflated)

Dangerous Goods & Restricted Articles

Guests are not permitted to carry these items through the screening point and in sterile/secured areas of an airport and in the aircraft cabin.

Note: Some of the prohibited items may be allowed in checked baggage under certain conditions/regulations.

  • Acids and alkalis such as wet batteries that may spill
  • Corrosive or bleaching substances such as mercury, chlorine, etc.
  • Disabling or incapacitating sprays such as mace, pepper, tear gas
  • Radioactive material such as medicinal or commercial isotopes
  • Poisons
  • Infectious or hazardous  biological material such as infected blood, bacteria and viruses
  • Material capable of spontaneous ignition or combustion
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Lithium batteries above 160Wh
  • Gas and gas containers (such as butane, propane, acetylene, oxygen).
  • Fireworks, flares and other pyrotechnics (including party poppers and toy caps).
  • Non-safety matches
  • Smoke generating canisters or cartridges
  • Flammable liquid fuel such as petrol / gasoline, diesel, lighter fluid, alcohol, ethanol
  • Aerosol spray paint
  • Turpentine and paint thinner
  • Alcoholic beverages exceeding 70% by volume
  • Pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, pellet guns, etc.
  • Replica and imitation firearms
  • Components of firearms (excluding telescopic sighting devices & sights)
  • Toy guns of all types
  • Crossbows
  • Catapults
  • Harpoon and spear guns
  • Stun or shocking devices such as cattle prods, ballistic conducted energy weapons, etc.
  • Lighters shaped like firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Blasting caps
  • Detonators and fuses
  • Explosives and explosive devices
  • Replica or imitation explosive material or devices
  • Grenades

Quote valid for 30 days from date prepared

  • The quote provided aircraft specific and is thus subject to aircraft availability and serviceability
  • Is subject to industry and related fuel price fluctuations
  • Is subject to US$ / ZAR exchange rate fluctuations
  • Should there be any en-route changes or delays as a result of compliance with the requirements of international law or national legislation or subordinate legislation, you and your passenger’s changed requirements, un-serviceability of the aircraft beyond Fly Alpha (Pty) Ltd’s reasonable control, safety of the aircraft, it’s crew, and passengers, and additional expense arising from such changes and/or delays (excluding costs of repairing the aircraft, but including the costs or arranging an alternative aircraft), shall become payable by you in addition to the quoted price.

Payment for the confirmed flight is to be made and available in our account at least 24 hours prior to departure.

Cancellations Levies are applicable as follows

Time Before Departure Levies Applicable

20 – 6 days to departure 30%

5 days prior to departure 40%

3 days prior to departure 50%

24 hrs prior to departure 90%

(Terms and Conditions of cancellation may be considered due to the nature of the cancellation and at the operator’s discretion)

Smoking is strictly prohibited on all flights

Please take note that the quoted price is NETT and any agent’s commission will be added at their own discretion.

When quoting, Fly Alpha (Pty) Ltd, always provisionally books an aircraft.  Notwithstanding, this quotation is strictly subject to aircraft availability.

When confirming a charter, the flight shall not commence without all permits (48hrs in advance) being issued, i.e. authorizations for international flights, or permits for landings at privately owned airfields.

When confirming a charter, the flight shall not commence without all permits (48hrs in advance) being issued, i.e. authorizations for international flights, or permits for landings at privately owned airfields.

Confirmation of air charter service should please be made by facsimile confirming acceptance of our quotation and the terms & conditions. Full payment will be required before the flight.

Any of the following methods are accepted, namely bank guaranteed cheque, direct bank transfer, direct bank deposits, credit card or cash.

Air traffic delays and diversions due to poor weather are unfortunately beyond our control.  Any additional costs in this regard will be for the client’s account.

Dangerous Goods as per the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations must be declared.  Goods delivered and incorrectly packed and without the correct documentation will not be permitted on-board our aircraft. 

This quotation is subject to the correct fuel being available at the destination, or en-route.

This quotation is valid for a period of 7 days from date of submission.

The above quotation is subject to daylight operating hours only, unless otherwise agreed to, or unless the destination airport is fully equipped with night landing facilities.

Personal baggage shall be limited to a maximum of 12kgs per person (small, soft bags only).  Excess baggage will only be permitted if approved and arranged with our Flight

The client acknowledges that all applicable health, exit, entry, tax, visa, customs and other legal and statutory formalities to be complied with by aircraft passengers are not the responsibility of Fly Alpha (Pty) Ltd. The client hereby indemnifies Fly Alpha (Pty) Ltd from any claim or damages in this regard, other than claims or damage caused by our negligence or willful misconduct.

Fly Alpha (Pty) Ltd cannot and will not take responsibility for the loss of personal items which may be left on-board our aircraft during and after completion of the air charter service. 

Should an aircraft be chartered through Fly Alpha (Pty) Ltd and the last leg of the charter be diverted to another airfield due to weather, Air Traffic Control restrictions or any other reason whatsoever, the aircraft may have to conclude it’s charter at the diverted airfield, should it be reserved to operate another flight later the same day or the day thereafter.  Fly Alpha (Pty) Ltd cannot be held responsible to get the passengers to their destination nor to return them to their base.

‘’The Carrier” shall mean Fly Alpha Aviation or any other carrier substituted in terms of clause 4 hereof and includes its employees, directors, servants and agents whether or not specifically referred to in the conditions.

2. If the carriage undertaken hereby is “International Carriage” as defined by The International Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules relating to the International Carriage by Air, signed at Warsaw on 12 October 1929, or by the said Convention as amended at The Hague on 28 September1955 whichever may be applicable, such carriage is subject to the rules relating to the liability established by the said Convention. The expression “High Contracting Party” used in Article 28 of the Convention, means States and territories which are bound by the said Convention either through ratification or adherence.

3. All carriage, services and/or operations incidental to or in connection with the carriage by which are not governed by the Convention, are subject to the Convention, are subject to the conditions set out in this ticket.

3.1 The carrier does not accept liability arising out of the carriage of persons’ baggage and personal effects or goods or any other services or operations connected with or incidental to the carriage by air. The passenger, by acceptance of this ticket, hereby renounces himself, his estate, his successors-in title, his representatives and his dependants all claims arising against the Carrier for compensation for any damage whatsoever, whether sustained on board the aircraft, during flight or not, or in the course of any of the operations relating to the flight embarkation, disembarkation o in the course of any ancillary services incidental to or connected with the carriage by air or as a result of any other reason whatsoever, caused or occasioned by any act, omission, gross negligence, neglect. Default or breach of the Carrier or caused by any mechanical or other default of the aircraft or any means of carriage to or from the aircraft.

3.2 In the event of these conditions and regulations stated or referred to above, or any part thereof, relating to the exclusion or limitation of the liability of the Carrier being contrary to the law of the State or territory in the Court of which an action is brought the liability of the Carrier shall be excluded or limited insofar as such law permits, and the Carrier shall be entitled to the benefit of every exclusion or limitation or liability permitted by such laws.

3.3 Any action against the Carrier shall be brought only in the Court of the State or territory in which the principal place of business of the Carrier is situated.

4. The right to substitute alternative carrier(s) is reserved to the Carrier.

5. The Carrier shall be under no liability to the passenger by acceptance of this ticket hereby renounces for himself, his successors-in title, his representatives and dependants all claims whatsoever against the Carrier for compensation for any damage whatsoever sustained as a result of delays whether caused or occasioned by any act, omission, gross negligence, neglect or default of the Carrier, or other defect or otherwise howsoever.

6. The passenger or his estate hereby indemnifies the Carrier-

6.1 against any claim which may be preferred by his dependants against the Carrier howsoever arising;

6.2 for any damage the Carrier may suffer through any act or omission of the passenger howsoever caused.

7. The Carrier shall not be liable for any damages of whatsoever nature which the passenger may suffer –

7.1 should the Carrier be unable to land on the place of destination, in which event the passenger shall remain liable to pay the Carrier’s fees and charges and shall not be entitled to any refund or rebate;

7.2 should the Carrier be unable to undertake the carriage and fall to procure the services of an alternative carrier to undertake the carriage in which event the passenger shall be entitled to a refund of the Carrier’s fees and charges already paid.

8. Notwithstanding the provision s of clause 7.2 the Carrier shall nevertheless endeavour to procure the services of an alternative carrier to undertake the carriage and any additional costs and charges arising therefrom shall be borne by the passenger.

9. The passenger acknowledges and agrees by the acceptance of this ticked that he will conform to the customs, immigrations and health regulations of the territories or countries to be visited or transverse and that in the event of the passenger being detained for any reason whatsoever by the authorities in any country he shall have no claim for further carriage or rebate on the Carrier.

10. The passenger acknowledges the authority of the commander or his authorised deputy and undertakes to obey his lawful commands under all circumstances from the commencement and for the duration of the journey.

11. The Carrier is insured for passenger and third party liability as required by Regulation 5(1)(a) and 5(1)(b) of the Domestic Air Services Regulations, 1991.

12. This ticket is valid from the date of issue to the date of completion of the carriage hereby undertaken or to the date of the refund in terms of clause 7.2